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It's Electric! ICE to EV Classic Conversion

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

It's an Electric a beautiful 1960 MGA ICE to EV conversion. It is near the epitome of the British sports car and now fully electric and kept classic with a gearbox for engaged driving and have loved test-driving it on the country lanes with creators Steve Drummond and team. Click here

Sadly we had to give it back to the owner but we filmed a quick walkaround before it left the workshop. Check out the video for a technical run down, a look under the bonnet and a perfect summer's day test-drive.... Electric MGA details - 1960 MGA Hyper 9 motor - 120 bhp Torque - 235 Nm Type 9 series 5-speed gearbox with MGA conversion 37kW battery - 150 miles range Eco-Normal-Sport modes Lift off regen Hidden Electrogenic EV display screen Servo brakes.

And make sure to catch the latest from a collaboration with EV Builder Guide that includes to the Top EV converters from USA to the UK and many point in-between! This is the Bible of the new industry headquartered in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware USA and reaching the world!

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