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It's Electric! ICE and EV Beach Chill Event

It's Electric when EV's and ICE mix! For the perfect event, add an all-American EV newcomer, the JillMobile, Robert Childs and thousands of families, friends emerge on the beach!

Being beach and water lovers, this is also an eco-event created by Brad Hoffman of Live-Wire-Media at with more coming before the event, during and after.

The Jeep pictured above is one we designed for First Lady Jill Biden as a clean, Greened machine, a Cancer awareness vehicle and all around fun for she and Ashley when visiting the beach. The design and base vehicle may change before the August 24-27 event and you can hear about the progress right here!

Have fun, learn a lot and no matter where you are, cruise into style with your dream vehicle delivered right to your front door and our film crew to capture the magic moment. Click on the image below!

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