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It's Electric! Hospice to Health

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

"Hospice to Health" was written about people who lived past their expiration date. Thanks to so many including Christine (CFA) Weiss, Greg Coles, GreenTV team, family and friends!

After a a long career in the automotive industry and dream life as a father, grand and great grandfather, I successfully battled prostate, melanoma and internal Cancers. The cars I specialized in restoring were the Mercedes S series like the one pictured, designed and built by a great friend, Gregory Coles. It was presented to the President of the United States last year in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. As most are aware, government officials cannot accept gifts, even from long time friends yet Uncle Joe got the point.

As i go into my next phase of life, I figured it was time to share hope with others based on my 2+ decades of volunteer Cancer counseling and how so many have survived in an e-book.

Enjoy the video with EV expert Gregory Coles, shot and edited by CFA Weiss and if you want the e-book, click the image below the video!

Click the image and never give up hope! I was not ready for Hospice yet found their comfort like Angels here on Earth. At 92 pounds and the days at end, I was ready to try anything yet found the answer in truly natural Green plants and minerals made with Living Water. In addition, a patent was being developed based on the Native American potion I was taught from their Delaware Lenape Matriarchs. The patent became known as USA #7597910 and backed by the scientific, medical and the United States Patent office experts.

In closing, the formula is shared freely yet the process and ingredients are a rarity as is with truly authentic Living Water, medical strains of plant flowers and minerals untouched by man-made over-processing placing profit over people.

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