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It's Electric! Happy Mother's Weekend!

"Green that Ride" is an upcoming GreenTV series staring Jameela Epps and focuses on converting vehicles from gas to electric to the entire EV industry. Happy Mothers Day weekend!

The vehicle featured was my Mother's favorite car, a 1941 Cadillac 2-door Sixty Two Series. She and I battled terminal Cancer together in 1995 which is the year she passed. The videos are a test drive and an auction netting close to $400,000. Mom, you and Dad had great taste collecting the 1941 Cadillacs and if alive today, you would enjoy the transformation of the industry to cleaner, much Greener vehicles of the past, present and future.

And that is what Jameela Epps will cover in the upcoming series. From classic conversions to futuristic carbon neutral EV's like Bruce Michael Dietzen's Hemp car that has been viewed by millions and featured with TV star Jay Leno. Greener products and Green vendors will also pop in with Jameela's series along with industry experts to the new breed of female Mechanics who are Shecanics. Stay tuned!

And of course, a Cadillac conversion by Richie of Rich Rebuilds!

And thank you for supporting our truly Green immune building product with legal limit CBD and patented process to assure the best for you and loved ones.

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