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It's Electric! Happy 115th Bday UPS!

Elba Pareja-Gallagher, UPS Sustainability Director Stakeholder Engagement

heard about the UPS electric car story from legacy archives. From 1907 to today, cleaner, Greener transportation is still celebrated after 115-years of operation. Check the Rolling Lab video and thanks Elba!

🎂Another UPS factoid… UPS’s birthday is around the corner…. Aug 28 (1907). We will be 115! Did you know we started as a bicycle messenger company with a $100 loan from a friend?

⚡️We have been an innovative entrepreneurial company ever since. After delivering telegraph messages, and with the industrial revolution, we reinvented ourselves to use cars - including early R&D with with electric cars. We have a replica of our first model T in our coporate HQ. I love taking pictures in it at internal events.

❓Did you know… We delivered B2C 1.0… “back in the day” when Americans made big purchases in department stores, we delivered them to their homes. Then as that changed, we reinvented ourselves again to handle B2B in the most efficient hub and spoke integrated network. 💲Today that tight ship generates 30% return on invested capital- the best in our business! And that incredibly efficient network, with an envious balance sheet and income statement, delivering both B2B and B2C, enables us to deliver not just packages…. 🌎 We deliver good! We invest in customers, people, communities and innovation.

We are customer first, people led and innovation driven. And I personally am pushing the envelope on the inside, doing my part on behalf of our 8 primary stakeholders (employees, customers, communities, suppliers, environment, investors, governments, influencers[media/ngo’s]) to move the world forward to deliver what matters… SUSTAINABLY ❤️💚❤️💚

Thank you Elba nd now, the UPS rolling lab video!

And thanks for supporting our work towards a cleaner, Greener future based on our own success since year 1929!

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