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It's Electric! Green Vehicles Incentives

The government's largest purchaser of Green products also advocates and provides incentives for EV's in the USA's General Services Administration. See the Tax Geek video for each State!

Green vehicles are more environmentally friendly vehicles that operate with less harmful emissions and are more efficient. Green vehicles may operate on a more sustainable or renewable fuel source or, have a more efficient hybrid engine that conserves energy through regenerative braking.

State by State:

Federal resources:

To help customer agencies meet mission and environmental requirements, GSA offers customers new, fuel-efficient vehicles, which include vehicles that operate on alternative fuels and zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) that provide long-term environmental benefits and save money for the taxpayers. GSA provides federal agencies with the opportunity to purchase an array of ZEVs, including battery electric vehicles (BEV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) models. ZEV options include light-duty vehicles across multiple brands and vehicle categories: sedans, vans, light-duty pickup trucks, crossover, and sport utility vehicles. Customers can buy or lease these vehicles from GSA Fleet.

To learn more about these vehicles visit GSA’s Alternative Fuel Vehicles site which includes a current year buying guide and a ZEV Fact Sheet. You can also learn about GSA’s electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) offerings, which support electric vehicle operation.

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