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It's Electric! Green that Ride videos

For nearly as long as Jeep has been around, our family loved Jeeps. Daniel Lacy, a close family member may be destined to buy Jeeps in need of TLC and give them new lives electrifying them with EV training group Skill-Lync!

The LED lighting used was literally safe-tested using an AK47. If you have a Jeep, you can appreciate bullet proof components. They also withstand high-pressure mud washing!

However, although the ride has been Greened on the outside using the new Green multi-stage paint system (story upcoming) the really good stuff in in the inside (also an upcoming story). For now, we are focusing on the hybrid-electric drive kit option and the full-blown Electric kits.

Pro-conversion video:

Do it Yourself video:

Thoughts to ride on video:

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