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It's Electric! Green Light for EV's!

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Biden Compound, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. 8.7.22: 5PM EST; It's close enough to taste the win for electric vehicle owners all over the USA and the electric video that began in Delaware.

The not so perfect Green Bill passed today is at least a win for Green advocates and the electric conversions of existing ICE to EV's with incentives way beyond what is (currently) reported. And TV host Betsy Rosenberg will bring it here from inside the "Beach House"!

And the video today is a salvaged version of the original in 2009 with CFA (Christine Weiss), Joe Biden, Jill Biden, Senator Carper, Senator Coons and the GreenTV production team filmed "Uncle Joe" with his immortal words and promise to electrify America with clean, Green energy, transportation and "Make America Green Again"!

And thanks to all who have supported our work. Since 1995, we have covered the Green beat, Biden and team. Throughout the decade plus of hardships, sacrifice. America wins!

Thanks Joe, Jill and the GreenTV team for never giving up!

And thank you for supporting our work towards clean, Green machines and more!

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