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It's Electric! Grandma did not kill EV's

Agnes Lake, EV pioneer and my grandmother fought for electric vehicles the right to vote and own a business in her own name. Grandmother didn't kill EV's yet Consumers damning review hurts the industry. Funny video!

Consumer Reports: Established automakers are new to building EVs, while EV specialists are new to the high-volume production of automobiles.

Want more? Many EVs are marketed mainly to early adopters, people who crave the latest technology.

“Throwing all that technology at a new vehicle just complicates things further,” Fisher said.

“Hybrids have been around for 25 years. They’re established technology with reliability superior to ICE. And they’re generally sold to practical people who aren’t weighed down by a desire for new features and technology.”

Consumer Reports' most reliable vehicle categories

  1. Compact cars

  2. Sporty/sports cars

  3. Small pickups

  4. Midsize/large cars

  5. Luxury midsize/large cars

  6. Compact SUVs

  7. Subcompact SUVs

  8. Luxury midsize SUVs

  9. Luxury compact cars

  10. Luxury compact SUVs

  11. Minivans

  12. Midsize two-row SUVs

  13. Luxury midsize three-row/large SUVs

  14. Midsize three-row/large SUVs

  15. Electric cars

  16. Electric SUVs

  17. Full-size pickups

  18. Midsize pickups

  19. Electric pickups

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