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Fridays for Future with Kim Grierson

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Alfred Robert Hogan is an International Journalist, historian, volunteer for Fridays for Future, highly valued GreenTV team member and contributor. Mr. Hogan, Greta Thunberg, Betsy Rosenberg and team deliver solutions!

Interview with longtime eco activist and Green Party candidate in Australia

Kim Grierson, a 40-years-plus-long environmental activist in New South Wales, Australia, and a four-time candidate with the Australian Green Party--including on Saturday 25 March 2023, for the NSW legislative assembly--discussed a wide range of green issues recently, with Fridays For Future Online founder and executive producer Sonya McKay and her colleague, science journalist and producer Alfred Robert Hogan, who is also with Green TV US. Ms. Grierson has been active vis such eco groups as Save Our Coast and the Coal Ash Alliance. FFFO has kindly granted permission to repost this edited hour-long interview with Ms. Grierson, 64, on the Green TV Web site. This interview took place days after that most recent election. Some of the topics discussed were:

* How state-level governments rarely stop new coal, oil, and gas projects

* How corporate lobbyists, donors, and the political machine act together to compromise democracy and allow pollution

* The urgent need to immediately block all new coal, oil, and gas projects--including fracking for gas--and to rapidly phase out existing projects, with just transitions

* Limited progress on renewable energy in NSW and some other Australian states

* Activism against coal-fired power plants (and their air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and semi-hidden toxic coal ash)

* The imperiled Great Barrier Reef pff the northeast Australian coast

* Lack of climate education in most Australian schools and distortions, denial, and doubts in some Australian media Privatization of water and rights to water

* PEP 11 (Petroleum Exploration Permit) in Australia

* Thermal pollution

* Health damages from coal ash, such as cancers and asthma

(some lithium can be salvaged but there is also deadly asbestos etc.)

* The need to be well-read and well-informed and to understand computer modelling

--Alfred Robert Hogan

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