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It's Electric! French & Fabulous

Join Ginny Buckley in Paris as she takes to the wheel in what is one of Citroen’s Greenest cars ever. If you love the Citroen Ami but need something a bit bigger and faster, Citroën has the answer - the Oli not Oil!

The French brand is doubling down on its radical designs for electric cars with a concept which points the way to a new family sized electric car with radical features – including mesh seats and cardboard panels - to make it lighter, more efficient and more affordable.

And we’ve been just been granted an exclusive FIRST DRIVE around the streets of Paris. Described by Citroen as a ‘laboratory on wheels’ which aims to buck industry trends for heavier, more complex and expensive electric cars, the Oli provides just what Citroën thinks customers need and want. Supported by the inventive use of responsible materials and a sustainable production process, its target vehicle weight of around 1,000kg makes it significantly lighter than most comparable compact SUVs, even those with petrol power. But what is the Oli like to drive? Join Ginny in Paris as she takes to the wheel in what is one of Citroen’s wildest concept cars ever. Is this the future of electric cars? Would you consider a car like the Oli? As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

And thank you for supporting our work for cleaner, Greener transportation!

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