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It's Electric! Fox, Flox News & Musk

Millions are being lied to from Fox calling the end of cars to overlord Elon Musk agreeing. Converting cars to ICE in not a lie and they can be affordable now with Fuel2Electric's plan and EV Builders Guide!

And while Tesla's Elon Musk was a personal hero when GreenTV filmed his rise of greatness, no respect is left for he or his type.

However, there is respect for a number of women and men joining together to show the truth of taking perfectly good gas guzzlers and converting them to clean and Green, offering zero% financing for vehicle with clean, lien free titles and reducing insurance rates by up to 50% while helping individuals and States reach, then exceed their air pollution standards.

People like Fuel2Electric. EV Builder's Guide and a news from Flox Green energy we are reporting on that could be a gamechanger for onboard energy recharging!

Stay tuned and thank you for supporting our work to help healthy people heal the planet!

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