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It's Electric! Ford F150 Electric Engineer

"We, the millions of F-150 owners demand an easy bolt-on kit to convert our trucks to electric yet no one has one". Electric Ladies Joan Michelson speaks with Ford's Linda Zhang and a great video!

The Ford 150 pickup is the world's largest market for an inexpensive, easy to install EV kit yet a one-stop like Ford itself does not seem to exist on the horizon. Perhaps Linda Zhang will change that!

In a recent quote, Linda says “We talked to all customers. So we talked to truck customers, because part of it is, this is such a big population of customers that we want to evolve into an electric…We also talked to customers who weren’t truck owners, but may have wanted to be and didn’t go there for whatever reason that might be. And those would be pain points that then we’d have to try address right. And actually what came out of this is, really the building blocks for how we came up on this truck.” Linda Zhang on the Electric Ladies show here

Thanks for tuning in!

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