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It's Electric! I.R.A. Conversion Incentives!

It began decades ago with Biden then Jay Leno, then both on a new TV gig and promoting the new IRA bill. And in that, recycling, repurposing and re-using vehicles is now applicable for tax incentives. Check out the conversion videos with the new Auto Archives team!

You can now include "used vehicles" in the IRA bill and these F-150 and F-350 project trucks will be Greened in Georgetown, Delaware. Currently at below market value, when completed, both assets are to be appraised at a collective value of $50,000, featured on the 90+ year old Auto web site.

The most value in these remarkable vehicle projects besides new restored Ford trucks themselves are the Intellectual Property list of upgrades by Daniel Lacy who, with his son and their team tackle the project to make the F-350 diesel run on local plant fuel by Bullet-Proofing the existing front engine to peak efficiency, adding a bolt-on electric drive to the rear drive for a 4-wheel, all-terrain that can drive at low-speeds under all-electric. When needed, the EV drive can operate on it's own or in conjunction with the ICE. by way of a Patent-pending management system for the drive (s), on-board energy storage and when saving dead EV's as an all-purpose tow-truck that also doubles to build houses with on-site outlets built in the F-350!

The F-150 is going all-electric while salvaging (and selling) the ICE parts. A simple, all American made, bolt-on, plug & play conversion kit and recycled USA batteries will power the vehicle and act as an emergency back-up with energy storage and in-bed solar panel system designed by EV conversion expert Gregory Coles whose F-100 is pictured below with the retractable solar kit.

Both vehicles and millions like them are now eligible for several existing USA incentive programs from the IRA Act Bill to the millions in US State wide VW fund to clean and Green existing vehicles. And what's great is Auto Archives is a one-stop that will handle the paperwork from documenting the increased value to the carbon offsets. Daniel Lacy and team also offers pictures, videos and 24/7 help to find the products you need and knowledge it takes.

And now, some videos. And stay tuned for upcoming updates coming from Daniel Lacy, Auto Archives and his mean, Green and truck loving team!

We'll keep you posted on the progress and thank you for supporting Auto Archives, the team and the State of Delaware's Lacy family!

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