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It's Electric! First Lady for Cancer. Win It!

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

The First Lady of Delaware, USA is a survivor, the nations premiere Pure Romance professional and in honor of Cancer awareness month, giving you a chance to win the First Lady's converted EV and Jill Biden's personalized license plate!

Every Cancer survivor person like myself and the many Lady Lacy and I counsel as volunteers would like a shot of owning one of the most unique and beautiful cars on Planet Earth.

The video shows the process of taking a nasty gas polluting, highly valuable collector car to a clean, Green machine worth twice the price of an original. Add the Biden Won license plate and a like-new (but better) vehicle with less than 30k miles on the odometer, one lucky person will end up a winner for a great cause.

Rather than having an auction, Lady Lacy will get you a free chance at owing the ONLY vehicle of it's type by asking to patronize her array of fashionable, high-quality women's wear. It's so simple, even a man can figure this out:) Go to Lady Lacy's web site, shop for a product that tickles your fancy and your purchase enters you to win.

If the car and cause are of no interest, get a free pass to find the perfect Green job on our website.

And thank you Gregory Coles for last year's contribution!

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