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It's Electric! Every Frog has a Story

Kermit the Frog said it's not easy being Green while Dave Wilson Jr. and father Dave Wilson says every frog has a story. This story is about the frogs who give back and joining forces with Green like-minds!

First, a little Green tune and then the story..

Being a Cancer survivor and volunteer Cancer counselor for 2+ decades, I am always in search of ways to give back and help other's in time of need. When I saw the folks at Preston Automotive Group were local like-minds using frogs to give back, my initial thought was to talk to them about the JillMobile. I designed the First Lady's Jeep to raise Cancer awareness, funds for a local Wings of Hope Cancer support group and Jill Biden's Cancer Moonshot. A clean Green American made Jeep for Cancer Awareness Month!

However, when looking into the new Jeep 4XE, I came across yet another vehicle more unique, made in America and more fun. It also happens to be fully electric which is what I have advocated for decades.

To my surprise and astonishment, the same people I was going to talk to about the JillMobile Jeep also sell the Moke, the ideal vehicle for the JillMobile here in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware where the Biden's have a beach house. Jill and Ashley are going to love the new JillMobile, perhaps in pink with ribbons!

For the 50+ miles hour folks, check it out

Now a few great words from Dave Wilson, Dave Wilson Jr. and how the frogs fit in!

The moral of this meeting of like-minds, frogs and Cancer awareness is that when experts did their best in year 1995 and sent me home with Hospice, I began designing a Green YouTube. This was 7-years before YouTube existed. Instead of monetizing the site, GreenTV would be free and guided by a dedicated team of volunteers from around the world. 28-years later, that dream is being realized.

And now for the next dream which is to complete the JillMobile, advocate clean, Green transportation by working with like-minds like the Wilsons and Preston Automotive Group.

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