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It's Electric! EV Tire Deflation

It's time to talk tires and why EV tires wear faster than ICE. Our friends at Motor Biscuit say EVs are heavier than than ICE and EVs get instant torque that burn rubber. Good EV tire video!

In the video, Tyre Review looks at the differences between a regular road tire, and a tyre designed specifically for EVs, comparing them in safety tests such as braking, range tests and internal noise levels in the vehicle. Electric vehicles, otherwise known as EVs are quickly establishing themselves as a true rival to internal combustion engined (ICE) powered vehicles, and as such the tyre manufacturers are reacting with new tires and tyre technology. While electric cars look similar to "regular" vehicles, the extra weight of batteries, the extra torque from electric motors, the lack of noise from the engine and the desire for extra range to avoid charging means tires need to be developed differently for these unique EV requirements. The test vehicle is an Audi E-Tron, which is a beautiful full electric SUV from Audi, but this can apply to vehicles like the Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, the Porsche Taycan and many other battery powered cars. Full information on the electric tyres used in this video can be found here:

And thanks for supporting cleaner, Greener transportation!

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