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It's Electric! EV's are Evil

State of Delaware verses Fox Spews fake news verses Marc Morano. EV plan ‘make us more dependent on China’ & will create ‘car shortages’ – ‘You will go nowhere & be happy’.

"Marc Morano: CBS News reported that it's more expensive in many places now to recharge an electric car vs. fueling a gas for powered car in parts of the U.S. and in Europe. In Germany, half the population can't even afford a gas-powered car. The Biden Administration's EPA is trying to statutorily ban gas-powered cars. It is literally trying to create car shortages. We will have less freedom of movement. You will go nowhere and be happy. Their green energy policy is the greatest national security threat the U.S. faces. It will make us more dependent on China. Here's the kicker, there are reports China has passed the U.S. and South Korea as the world's leading exporter of cars. Chinese-made cars are heading to the number one exporter in the world. One of the few things America could boast of was American automobiles, and we are now possibly ceding that to Chinese exports. ... EVs have to be charged on a fossil fuel grid. We are not saving the earth."

And one of many videos about the evils of EV's from the fickled fake fact finders..

Thanks for watching and please help us support the truth and your health. We'll even plant a tree in your name!

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