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It's Electric! EV Power Changes Industry

Never done on such a scale that can help so many now. Erika Ginsberg-Klemmt and her team have the system needing only like-minds who understand genius. It's a new design, low-cost and ready for you!

Unlimited (+) Impact:

This mobile racking system will open the solar PV market to renters and people on the move. No dedicated single-use real estate area is needed for Gismo Power. Fitting in neither rooftop nor ground-mount category,  MEGA racks can be wheeled into garages and barns during adverse weather conditions. 

Solar installation companies can increase productivity by deploying several standardized Gismo Power systems per day via flatbed trailer, instead of getting caught in unexpected complications during tricky customized rooftop installations which sometimes require dangerous, acrobatic efforts at elevated heights. 

The secret sauce to Gismo Power is its Solar On Wheels®. Heavy-duty caster wheels allow the individual racks to be elevated and wheeled around without major effort. The PV-Inverter/EV-Charger can either be mounted to a close by wall or fixed to its own portable cart using an extension cord. Bad weather ahead? Simply lower the side panels and wheel it into the garage. The car still fits underneath.   

The metal racks can optionally be anchored and bolted on asphalt or concrete surfaces. The solar panels pivot up when deployed, and are folded down when the units are wheeled into a garage or shelter. Florida is notorious for its hurricanes, but look at what just happened with hurricanes in New York & Connecticut and other high wind events in the rest of the nation. Gismo Power will give its owners a chance to “unplug and store” beforehand, instead of “install and pray” during storm events.

Gismo Power is particularly eager to identify projects which allow for a VPP configuration whereas individuals can own the MEGAs while the batteries are communally owned.

And thanks for supporting our work!

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