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It's Electric! EV Leaders Unite in First State

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

What does a former USA EPA Attorney, Joe Biden, the State of Delaware and the future have in common?

One is the 90-year old Delaware Divas who promote Delaware, the First State in the United States of America on GreenTV and the other is the DEEVA (Delaware Electric Vehicle Association).

And all are creating a united front beginning in Delaware to showcase the famous Bidenmobile® project and a variety of electric vehicles from a converted E-Porsche owned by former EPA Attorney Charlie Garlow to some really unique one-off projects from GreenTV's Gregory Coleman. Where? Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. When? Summer 2021 start of USA EV Tour! Have a cool vehicle, technology or prototype the world should know about? Contact us and let's talk!

The process and players in the world's fastest E-Vette. Hold-on video!

It's Electric! It looks like an ICE engine yet it is an EV powerplant inside!

Stay tuned for more and connect with us for updates!

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