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It's Electric! EV e-Fuel

Porsche's CEO Oliver Blume: "Combustion engines can be powered with e-fuels in a virtually carbon-neutral manner. They don't have to be converted or retrofitted for it. We have to offer an option to the owners of existing vehicles too."

While the rest of the industry rushes into electrification, some automakers are taking a measured approach. Toyota, for example, has come under fire for its EV stance and continues to explore hydrogen technology as an alternative. Porsche is also looking at other options. The Taycan is proof the company can make an excellent EV, but that doesn't mean Zuffenhausen is giving up on the ICE engine anytime soon.

Porsche's CEO Oliver Blume recently confirmed the 911 will adopt a hybrid drivetrain and we've already seen test units undergoing development. "The 911 is more popular than ever with customers. Over the coming years, we will offer a very sporty hybrid setup for the 911, as many are familiar with from the motorsport context."

But what about the rest of the lineup? Blume didn't say much, but he did express support for the German government's "open approach" and "compromise to incorporate e-fuels" on a path toward a greener future.

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