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It's Electric! EV Conversion Association

Updated: May 16, 2022

If you want to see what is new (or old) in the world of EV's, check out a local car show or follow us as we attend, film and report on. Credits to JR Myers and the Electric Vehicle Association!

Given the Electric Vehicle Associations history, it was formed in 1967 as a way to share the benefits of transitioning gasoline vehicles to electric, the Electric Vehicle Association saw its membership as a result of two gas shortages in 1970 and 1973 that gripped the U.S. causing drivers to face around-the-block lines at their local gas stations. A group of Silicon Valley, CA engineers banded together to respond to this shortage.

They created an educational effort as part of the Electric Vehicle Association that offered to assist anyone interested in converting their gasoline cars to electric and reduce dependence on foreign oil. It was there the nonprofit’s first chapter was created and since then has evolved into an effort that has spurred electric vehicle market growth across an entire continent.

And now, GreenTV is in talks to bring a new group back to the days of 1967 with conversions and possibly a new chapter to the EVA. Perhaps something like, the Electric Vehicle Conversion arm of EVA! And click here to join today

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