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It's Electric! Not Bricklin or DeLorean

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Aston Martin rarely disappoints, especially when it's all-electric. The Bulldog, nicknamed "K9", after the robotic dog from the Doctor Who TV series was designed to show off the capabilities of Aston Martin. Honors to Malcolm Bricklin!

It's engineering facility chase after the title of fastest production cars in the world. The car was officially launched on 27 March 1980 at the Bell Hotel at Aston Clinton. Although the car was built in the UK, it is left-hand-drive. The Bulldog's sharp wedge shape was designed by William Towns.[1] The car has five centre-mounted, hidden headlamps and gull-wing doors. The interior is upholstered in leather with walnut trim[2] and uses multiple LED buttons like the Lagonda. Aston Martin planned to build 15-25 Bulldogs, but in 1981 Victor Gauntlett became chairman of the company and decided the project would be too costly, so the Bulldog project was shelved.[3] In 1984 Aston Martin sold the Bulldog to a middle eastern collector for £130,000. The owner added both rear view mirrors and cameras. The Bulldog later was sold to an American collector and spent some time in the United States; it was later in storage in different places.

And those who do not prefer an electrified Bulldog, we bring you the Rapide Electric!

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