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It's Electric! Earth Day Wrecker

American Automobile Association was founded in 1902 to serve motorists in need. 120 years later, Delaware's first EWT (Electric Wrecker Truck) will help save ALL electric vehicle owners on an uncertain path. Watch the future in 3-short videos now or come see us!

At the beginning of 2022, our team's lead Electric Vehicle ran out of electricity. It was on the first day of the first USA EV Tour in the first State of Delaware. With politicians in tow, a ferry boat awaiting and a completely dead all-electric Classic Mercedes, the EV with the Biden 1 license plate didn't look good.

What may have been worse was our Star EV Car dies in front of a Tesla Charging station and no one in sight to help. Worse yet was the look on the Wrecker truck sent to save my fearless co-pilot Jaqueline Lacy and I on a cold, damp day of what should have been a bright celebration.

We began the USA EV Tour earlier in front to the Biden Compound in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware earlier with famed EV pioneer Charlie Garlow, Delaware's #1 Media Mogul Melissa Steele, Muscle Car Girl Jacqueline (Lady) Lacy, Inventor and CEO of SELOC, the Delaware Public Benefit Corporation that is setting up shop in the First State to help save the industry.

For Earth Day 2022, on April 23, the First State's leaders in environment, business, political will witness the answer to the gap in the nascent electric vehicle industry and in nearly every EV driver's minds. Range anxiety, what to do if the juice runs out and who will save the stranded?

In our case, it was a huge, fossil fuel burning machine breathing there to save the day for a pair of tree-hugging electric car advocates and Green team. And is was this incident that sparked a collective interest of Delaware leaders to convince EX expert Gregory Coles and team to finish SELOC's first EWT (Electric Wrecker Truck) in time for the Delaware Earth Day EV 2022 event.

And a happy ending, or in this case, a happy beginning. SELOC's EWT will start helping stranded EV's, ICE and ALL type of vehicles while saving the EWT owner/operators up to $100K over the life of the vehicle. Besides being Earth friendly, quiet and no toxic fumes, these new breed of EWT's will fill many gaps in the transition to clean, Greened transportation.

Specifications are still coming out and for those who doubt it's abilities, Gregory Coles, I and team have been saving vehicles from the road sides to the salvage yard. We know this EWT will have to match and exceed everything an ICE Wrecker Truck can now do.

And folks, imagine the future with battery swap-outs, V2G feeding the grid and money to the owner/operators, be able to keep the lights on during natural disasters and even tow a vehicle and occupants to safety if all else fails by road side assistance.

Building the Prototype Step One:

Step Two:

Step Three:

Join us, Tesla and other EV leaders on April 23, 2022 in Dover, Delaware. Come see, feel and sit in the recently completed 2022 all-electric Wrecker Truck salvaged itself from the tired old truck graveyards and given a new lease on life!

A new industry begins in the First State of Delaware with SELOC's Public Benefit Corporation teaching others his magic of converting ICE to Electric, building vehicles to owner specifications and clearing the air in every State in the USA!

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