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It's Electric! E-Sea Doo!

This is the first test video of the E-Doo Electric Seadoo Boat Conversion Project where the owner converts a 2002 Seadoo Utopia 185 with a broken motor into an electric battery powered boat!

In this video we take the boat out testing with 6.5 people onboard and a big dog (so probably the weight of 7 people total). I manage to wake surf on this trip. The wake is not the best for surfing and it needs about another mile per hour or so to get surf without the rope but it did tow me! Bad news though, the boat refuses to plane. Looking at the motor specs it would seem this will be helped by adding the extra battery bank I have been talking about and bending the impeller - tune into the end of the video to see more explanation and the footage of what happened! Also we towed it using our new Tesla Model Y (electric vehicle towing EV boat about 50 miles) and that worked out great! Even pulled it just fine as the tire fell off and I had to drag the wheel-less trailer to get off the road with the Tesla (see video for details). Some Specifications: Boat - 2002 Seadoo Utopia185 Jet Boat 8 Seater with Wakeboard / Wakesurf Tower Trailer - 20 Foot Long Single Axle with Adjustable Bunks (not original Sea-Doo), welding on fold away tongue Electric Motor - Netgain HyPer 9 Integrated System™ (IS) High Voltage (HV) Batteries - Eight LG Chem 8s 28.8v 4.75kWh Lithium Ion Battery Modules from Chevy - Total 38kWh (just got 2 more [but not added yet] for a total of 47kWh) Battery Management System - Dilithium Design With Extra Satellite (48s total) Charger - TSM2500 and EVCC Charge Controller 144V with J1772 plug so we can use L2 electric charging stations DC-DC Converter - TSM 144V (50a max @ 12v) Cooling pump - Generic $50 pump from Thunderstruck Motors Other Stuff - See future videos or ask Places where I got parts from that I like (nobody is paying me for this!): Battery Hookup - Batteries Thunderstruck Motors - Charging, BMS, DC-DC, other misc parts Green Motors Inc (in Phoenix AZ) - Netgain Hyper 9 Integrated System

Video two: How to!

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