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It's Electric! D.I.Y. Solar EV 2M Views

It's electric, charges itself and at just 30 miles per hour not competing with Sarah Hardwick, Audra Leslie, Blair McNeill, Nathan Burdick or team Aptera. Cool DIY video!

At over 2 million views, the Creative Etc. video shows you how to make solar car at home. The car's top speed is 45km/h and it runs 50 km per single charge without solar panel and 65km with solar panel . They used a 1000w 60v E bike conversion kit , 225w 12v Loom solar panel and 60v 32Ah li-ion battery. There are many upgradations needed for the car till now. 12v ,225w Solar Panel - 1500W 30A DC Boost Converter - The Machines used You can get here Mag Welding machine - Bosch Metal Cut-Off Saw - Facebook-

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