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It's Electric! Converting Big Rigs Video

Nearly anyone can shop at Amazon to convert a bike to electric. Not everyone can do the same with the heavy-duty commercial vehicles yet Gregory Coles and Ford are working on it! Cool videos of in-process and an idea of how millions of existing fleets are going electric! And check out the second video for the "Tesla" powered test drive!

And now, the test drive!

And for the alternative, new Ford E-update: The electric version of the Ford Transit is just a few months away from first deliveries, following the commercial debut of the Mustang Mach-E and ahead of the arrival of the battery-electric F-150 in 2022.

Due to arrive at dealerships later this year, the E-Transit lineup will first see an appearance on job sites this summer as part of a manufacturer pilot program with key customers in different vocations. The order banks for the E-Transit will open in July, and Ford has shared the preliminary MSRPs for the different versions of the battery-electric commercial van.

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