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It's Electric! "2024" Sandy Munroe" EV's

Updated: Jan 17

The video features Sandy Munroe of Munroe & Associates. The video is long yet if you are into transportation, watch it. And stay tuned for more on #GreenTV!

0:00 A Watershed Year Ahead 5:10 Sandy's Cybertruck Experience 17:58 Responses to Cybertruck's Success 21:01 Competition is Coming 28:34 Price Cuts & Demise of the Chevy Bolt 34:26 Why Ford Dealerships Aren't Selling EVs 37:55 Castings 43:10 Keeping Up With the Chinese 46:03 Will Lucid and Rivian Survive? 51:10 Implementation of Humanoid Bots in Manufacturing 54:23 BIG Announcement!

The video says lots from an insider and top leader in the EV world. And stay in tune with what has kept many others and me going!

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