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It's Electric! Cancer Survivor Delivers

It's a 1950's Morris converted to electric to deliver free samples of ImmunaJuice for this weekend's Cancer Survivor's Day on June 4th. And catch Rob Teplansky's "Life's A Gas" music video! Sign up today for your free sample (USA only)

Life’s A Gas In The Greenhouse (Lyrics)

"I’m puttin’ on my finest suit My dark sunshades and army boots I’ll pack a tank of oxygen In case I lose my breath again And everyone will come to see The mandatory revelry While the bitch that we call Mother spins Under the weight of our seven deadly sins The seamstress belches filth into the air The farmer spreads his poison ‘round with care For the party, they prepare Life’s a gas in the greenhouse Where there’s a grand old party goin’ on The gold, it flew like tickertape As we danced until the dawn Now my voice might seem a bit raspy And my flesh a little raw For life’s a gas in the greenhouse It’s all too grave to ignore The doorman smiles and tips his hat Still has his hair – imagine that I pause before the looking glass Then out the door into the greenhouse bash The apothecary passes hemlock tea The chaperones pretend that they don’t see We’ll throw what’s left into the sea Life’s a gas in the greenhouse"... #climateactionnow#indiemusic#indierock#indieartist#climatechange#nomusiconadeadplanet (c) Robert Teplansky

For your free ImmunaJuice sample, use our contact page Contact | GreenTV or product page Founders Health Product | GreenTV

Jonathan David Lake is celebrating his 28th year being Cancer free and helping others with the formula he has worked on for 2+ decades.

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