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It's Electric! Cancer Survivor Day Auction

Updated: May 26, 2023

As terminal Cancer survivors and volunteer counselors, we help people donate their vehicle for a good cause and tax deduction. Cancer Survivor's Day is Sunday June 4th. Consider a turn-key donation, Tesla to Toyota's taken!

Auto Archives began in 1929 and is a family owned and operated business where one can make one call or e-mail and every single detail of donating a vehicle is handled. It may not be as glamourous as the TV auction's as seen below yet it is effective, and a win-win for all.

With Cancer Survivor's Day coming up and 2+ decades of volunteer Cancer counseling, the vehicle that was scheduled was involved in a total-loss accident yet the license plate on the vehicle has more value than the donor and will be auctioned on E Bay with 100% of the proceeds going to Cancer survivors battling financial hardships while returning to a normal life with friends and loved ones.

If you are considering donating your vehicle, you can call Jon Lake at 302 239 LAKE or e-mail me using our GreenTV contact form here

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