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It's Electric! Bristol Buccaneer

Bristol's bankruptcy did not stop the electric visions of Jason Wharton. Like Aptera who also re-grouped with in-wheel motors, going electric looks like a great direction. Enjoy the video!

"Our friends at Motor Authority and I learned that a revival of historic British automaker Bristol was underway, following the demise of a previous attempt that ran out of fizz in 2020 (the original Bristol went bankrupt in 2011).

The new revival is led by businessman Jason Wharton who acquired Bristol's intellectual property rights and various production tools via a liquidation auction.

In a recent Zoom interview, Wharton gave an update on the progress of the revival, including plans to launch Bristol's first electric vehicle.

The EV will be a four-seater going by the name Buccaneer, and will most likely ride on a donor platform. It's due in 2025 and will mark Bristol's transition into an EV brand. Recall, the United Kingdom, which is Bristol's main market, is making moves to ban internal-combustion engines in the next decade".

Thanks Jason and stay tuned as we research more of the details and enjoy the video!

And thanks for supporting our work of Greener, clean, transportation using in-wheel electric motors to retain the original drivetrain in most of our designs.

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