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It's Electric! BidenMobile1® EV Burns

May 21, 23: Delaware, USA. The BidenMobile was designed to run on electric up to 35 m.p.h. The original ICE engine propeled the van to highway speeds. This prototype is now dust yet the idea lives on in this story.

The sides and rear window decals had read "It's Electric!" And had the Biden 1 (Won) collectors license plate registered to the van. It was the President of the United States first step towards electrification of the nations transportation system. A prototype that could be duplicated by She and He Mechanics across the USA reducing emissions and keeping our existing vehicles on the highway.

I figured designing an old Dodge Caravan with over 100,000 odometer miles and millions of these already produced, it would make an ideal, affordable hybrid conversion that kept the original engine yet produce no emissions under 35 mph. Imagine what the local Motor Vehicle Department would say when they ask you to crank it up for the emissions test. The reply would be that IT IS cranked up! And yes, you would pass the test!

And with 35 miles per hour or slower ruling here in Rehoboth Beach, we figured a way to make it in all-electric quiet mode which is also important in this quaint little ocean side town where peace, quiet, clean air, water and land still exist.

The tech: In-wheel, bolt-on and affordable electrification. With the mini van, add to the real wheels making it 4-wheel drive!

The Biden 1 license plate survived yet the van is a total loss including the camera, light and sound equipment.

With just a few scratches and burns, I survived another close call. With this being my 7th Near-Death-Experience, it is time for Jameela Epps to take hold of the wheel and keep America driving towards a cleaner, Greener future.

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