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It's Electric! State of Delaware EV Team

Bloomberg, a net-zero vehicle fleet by mid-century would require oil displacement from EVs to increase to 2.5 billion barrels per year by 2030 and nearly 6 billion by 2035 representing a “permanent removal of oil dependency. And the State of Delaware is in!

What the Biden EV plan is rolling out in the following video is one part of many yet hurry for the August deadline if you have not submitted. If you need some attention for your electrification-related industry, contact us today with a detailed outline of what we or Delaware, USA can do for you.

Our EV team in Delaware will keep you in touch with the latest updates on the transition to cleaner transportation so stay tuned!

And yes, that 1955 fire engine red Ford F-100 was converted to exceed Biden's expectations!

Video #2!

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