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It's Electric! Biden Du jour

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

It's electric! Mr. President, Clean Energy for Biden helped create the EV conversion market where you made a promise to USA voters. As we build your dream machine, we also will report updates. And take care Jay Leno!

Here in Biden's USA resort capitol and compound in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, much work is being done in closed garage doors and on-line. The battle here is to make things balanced in the EV industry. And next week we will report on the ever changing tax advantages in-process and coming soon.

There as many, if not more Green jobs to be done immediately on the front lines of converting the existing millions of vehicles from heavy footprint to cleaner and Greener.

"Uncle Joe", we are calling you out and will continue until your BidenMobile is in your hands as are the innumerable converted ICE to EV's in voters hands.

You have the document that was once in the Auto Archives historical register and now for the world to see below. History shows if we stuck to electric instead of petroleum, our air, water and lands would be cleaner.

And Joe, that's what you promised to voters on stage as your legacy. As I told you, it is mine also and the GreenTV platform will broadcast across the world while in your back yard, Auto Archives will be creating the industry of the future based on our past.

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