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It's Electric at Hell's Gate

The Climbs at Hells Gate are notorious for any vehicle let alone a brand new electric truck. Fresh "out of the gate", Rivian steps up and through the gate with InsideEV's

"Here is an interesting new video with the Rivian R1T climbing the Hells Gate in Moab, Utah, which is one of the most challenging off-road trails.

The R1T with the all-terrain tires appears to be able to drive up quite easily thanks to the outstanding electric drive, although it still requires a lot of attention to go at the right angles. We previously saw the Rivian R1S that also was able to take a steep climb, but this one is more difficult.

Let's recall that Rivian is the first production electric model on the U.S. market with four electric motors - one per wheel - which provides the ultimate drive. The low center of gravity, thanks to the battery pack installed in the bottom, is also a major factor.

Another important thing in Rivian vehicles is a four-wheel independent suspension, as well as various driving modes, about which you can read more in InsideEVs' Tom Moloughney first drive review here." Mark Kane, InsideEv's.

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