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It's Electric! And IRA Helped!

The recent news that the United States Postal Service has the Green light of $3B to go all electric, we got tons asking what happened to our conversions.

With the passing of the I.R.A., (Inflation Reduction Act) we too got the Green light and monetary incentives needed for converting ICE to EV's (or BEV's) as the DC folks call them.

And pay no mind or very little to the flack about the IRA and EV incentives because the wrinkles are still being worked out and the potholes being paved. All of this takes a LOT of work, patience and funding by the like-mind we interview and get in front of decision makers.

If we can be of help, reach out to our contact form here and remember, only you can help clean and Green transportation!

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1 Comment

Douglas White
Douglas White
Aug 16, 2022

Let's hope that enough money goes into battery research that helps us source rare earth metals without strip mining and next generation batteries without them,including hydrogen.

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