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It's Electric! Bidenmobile® Boat!

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Once again, the New York Times chimes in with "Future Jeeps will be able to drive underwater"! One of our present Bidenmobile® projects will travel on land and skip on the sea as seen in the video. It will also be a blast when Jill and Joe visit!

When tighter emission's come to the water, it's time to dump the smelly, dripping fuel and have fun with silent, no odor and quick response. Regarding the future of Jeep, “There are some crazy, very amazing people in the Jeep community who do that type of thing already with an ICE, so you can imagine with a battery car what it would be” says Jeep CEO Christian Meunier. During a recent electric vehicle presentation by Jeep’s parent company Stellantis, a Jeep Wrangler was depicted driving while fully submerged, and that vision could become a reality.

Enjoy the videos and if you want one of these floating electric Jeeps, place your order now!

And another we caught here near Rehoboth Beach!

And the ICE version as in the New York Times story!

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