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It's Electric! An American Favorite!

It's Electric and converted from an old gas Chevy S-10. Watch the video and read how Philip Sutton of Florida, USA did!

Motor Netgain Warp 9 Series Wound DC

double shaftDrivetrain5 speed manual w clutch & 3.73 rear end, OEM 15" wheels Controller: Manzanita Micro Zilla 1000 amp

water cooled Batteries70 CALB/Sky energy CA180FI, 3.20 Volt, Lithium Iron Phosphate all cells "Top Balanced" to .001 volt using PowerLab 8 battery tender = I do not use a

BMS. I check all cells every 6 months, always within .1 volt.

40.3 kWh pack - useable (80%) 32.3 kWh System Voltage230 Volts Charger Elcon PFC5000

220/110 VAC multi voltage charger

Great CC/CV charger! Doesn't start charge cycle until it senses input power (= no sparking when plugging it in).

Slowly builds up to max 20A charging amps, slowly ramps down to 0A after reaching cutoff voltage (CV mode) (= no sparking when disconnecting plug).

Full charge would take 7 hours, my normal charge time is 2-4 hours each day. Heater ceramic 1500 watt element

will blow 130 F heat.DC/DC ConverterIota 45 amp

wired constant on, nice 12v charger;

#6 & 50A fuse to SLA battery.InstrumentationJLD-404AH meter - track AH used each trip. Top Speed80 MPH (128 KPH)

80 mph fastest I have driven vehicle (3rd gear), still has plenty of pedal, converters say it should go 120+.AccelerationVery good, plenty peppy & Faster Than Most! Keeps up w traffic easily.

Have not done any timed accel tests.

Performance is very satisfactory, my main focus is on drive-ability & enjoying the ride.Range96 Miles (154 Kilometers)

varies w driving conditions & driving style; between 80-100 miles. Watt Hours/Mile380 Wh/Mile average driving = 380 Wh/mile; conserving driving = 336 Wh/mile.EV MilesStart:95,582 Miles (153,791 Kilometers)Current:125,023 Miles (201,162 Kilometers)Total:29,441 Miles (47,370 Kilometers)

As of 5/22/2021

Seating Capacity2 - bucket seats. Curb Weight 3,400 Pounds (1,545 Kilograms)

includes 900 lbs LiFe PO4 cells; Truck has 800 lbs payload capacity. Tires OEM = UniRoyal Tiger Paw II P205/75R15 97SConversion Time20 days .

Batteries (70 ea 180ah CALB LiFePO4)Additional Features Electric AC - Master Flux Sierra 206 (1500 watts) - works great, nice & cool (esp @ stop lights in S Fla) - cooling aided w 3M Crystalline window film, windshield sun shade, dash mat (made BIG difference - that dash gets HOT!) Elec PS - EPAS 12v motor from Saturn Ion w assist set HI

- also changed steering to manual box, EZ & precise. Elec PB - Hella UP28 12v vacuum pump at 22 Hg- vac reservoir maintains supply for brakes & AC actuators

EVSE = 30 amp RV outlet in carport (23A max charging)

Charging connector under gas cap w NEMA L1430 flanged inlet

12V battery charging system LED light in dash (Grn/Y/R)

Liquid cooling kit for controller (EV West)

Tilt bed - hinged to access batteries (Steve @ Green Shed)

Tilt bed - air springs help lift bed (2x 250lb @ Grainger)

Brakes - stock system w front OEM ceramic pads & rear Porterfield Kevlar shoes = 50% more stopping power

Front suspension - 1-1/4" Hellwig sway bar & HD springs

Rear suspension - Add-A-Leaf & Super Springs give level ride w 900 lbs batteries = overall ride ht 1" higher than stock

Shocks - 4ea Bilstein 46mm HD off-road

Clutch - Hayes Severe Duty off-road clutch (w EZ pedal feel)

Hood vents - remove hot AC condenser air from under hood

"100% Electric" emblems sides & rear

Fake tailpipe humor in rear "What Is That ????"

OK, this is fun to drive! Tinker Toy is my daily driver, drives nice & smooth. My original intent was to have an electric conversion pickup truck to use as a truck, look stock, drive nice, handle well, be comfortable to use, have a decent range (approx 100 miles) and keep up with traffic easily. I worked with Steve and Audrey at Green Shed to select donor and parts, and then we made it!

I kept my creature comforts; AC, heat, Power Steering, Power

Brakes. AC works great, PS is 1-finger EZ turn, heat nice for 4 days of winter/year here, PB stop truck real good. Truck goes & stops well, no body roll in corners, handling is precise, ride is firm and comfy.

Sometimes I pull into a gas station to fill up gas cans for mower & generator, get some funny looks & questions :). It's Fun To Do!!

So I have what I was looking for, still have things to tinker with (Tinker Toy). I get to drive my electric hot rod on the road, put groceries, chainsaws & wood in it, and play with & 'evolve' it. Fun to drive! Works great!

If you would like specifics on something I've done or found a

better way to do things, drop me an email, I'd appreciate it.

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