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It's Electric! American Lung Association

"110,000 lives saved due to less pollution, +2.7 Million asthma attacks and $ 1.2 Trillion in public benefits." American Lung Association. The ad image may have humor yet we EV folk take clean air seriously. Happy Hump Day & enjoy the videos!

Coming up on Earth Day, our team will be presenting the latest and greatest of our electric conversions to famed Clean Air Senator Thomas Carper to the First State's Lt. Governor Dr. Bethany Hall-Long from the classic MG shown here to the bigger models below.

Small EV Conversion: The video speaks for itself with fun added.

Medium EV Conversion:

One of Joe Biden's favorites is this all-electric 1955 Ford which carries auto-fold out solar chargers and Concours style showing winning best of best. It even has the legal Delaware Biden 1 license plate that will be auctioned off for charity. Some Delaware license plates fetch $1M+ and the Biden 1 plate is the only one in the world. Moving on..

Large EV Conversion:

This is a huge, heavier than Hummer Ford truck converted for utility, not bragging rights. Beginning with Delaware, every State will have clean, Green transportation. And I will personally advocate as I have most of my life and expense to re-purpose ICE to EV. Here's the big one yet the one at the show will even blow the A.L.A. to A.A.A. and all in-between.

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