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It's Electric! Actress & EV Girl Arrested

The Baywatch actress Alexandra Paul and Zan Dubin Scott's short video says it all. Scott Alexandra, the "smart one" from the original "Baywatch" series, has been driving and electric car for 32 years!

Alex dispenses tips for getting a first EV, tells us why she got the "smart one" reputation, and describes what happened to her after she was arrested in one of the most dramatic scenes in "Who Killed the Electric Car?"

Way back on 3.15.2005, some were future thinkers and activists. "Baywatch" actress Alexandra Paul and another woman were arrested Monday (3.15.05) after blocking the path of trucks hauling GM's pioneering EV1 electric cars to Arizona to be destroyed, police said.

Officers booked Colette Divine and Paul, who played Lt. Stephanie Holden on the TV series, on suspicion of failing to obey an officer, police Lt. William Berry said. The women, both of Los Angeles, were released on their own recognizance and were to be arraigned Tuesday.

The two were among dozens of electric car supporters holding an around-the-clock vigil outside a General Motors Corp. training center in Burbank, where more than 70 EV1s had been stored en route to a recycling plant near Mesa, Ariz. GM has declined the group's offer to pay a total of $1.9 million for the vehicles.

Police said Paul and Divine were in a car that blocked the center's driveway for two hours as trucks loaded with EV1s were attempting to leave. They refused to move despite police orders to do so, Berry said.

And remember, only you can help Jill Biden and advocates everywhere by going Green.

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