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It's Electric! $66 Billion to Green

Amtrak has gotten on board the Green train with a $66B boost in Billions. CEO Bill Flynn explains in this short, informative video. Many thanks to Jeannette Barcelos Kravitz!

Who does not like a train ride? Especially ones with the lightest footprint per mile comfort and first-class amenities. Get ready as we follow our founders many past Amtrak miles with (then) young Senators Tom Carper, Chris Coons and Biden.

As Amtrak celebrates 50 years of service to America, we are focused on the future and are pleased to present this comprehensive plan to develop and expand our nation’s transportation infrastructure, enhance mobility, drive economic growth and meaningfully contribute to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

A bold, 15-year strategy for expansion will connect dozens of city pairs up to 160 communities to Amtrak service, increasing ridership, environmental sustainability, and economic investment. And, all of this will be done in an energy-efficient manner that reduces our nation’s carbon footprint through cleaner and more convenient passenger rail.

Our vision for the future is a modern passenger rail network that creates more than half a million jobs and delivers over $150 billion in economic benefit to impacted local communities by 2035. At the same time, traveling on Amtrak’s trains is 47% more energy-efficient than driving and one-third more efficient than flying.

Many thanks to those supporting our all-volunteer work by going Green and healthy!

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