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It's Electric!

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

The First Lady's Cancer Moon Shot JillMobile Jeep was off to a good start. Stellantis would provide the Jeep, GreenTV would re-create, film and present it to Jill Biden on her upcoming B-day.

When the corporate sponsor pulled out due to political pressure from those who have an interest in killing the electric vehicle industry, we turned to other sources including an all-electric Jeep built by a Department of Natural Resources official to a Jeep conversion by Dr. EV Veronica as seen below.

Also seen was the practice run of wrapping the Jeep in hot pink that would sport the Cancer Bows and have it's own version of the Jeep Duck that has become a favorite by Jeep owners worldwide and created by Allison Parliament, creator of the Official Jeep approved Jeep Duck!

As we continue in pursuit of finishing Jill Biden's all-electric JillMobile birthday present using a new or pre-owned vehicle, we will keep you posted with updates from Dr. Veronica to talks with others liking the idea of their sponsored vehicle on a tour from school rooms to board rooms and all in-between!

And here's an oldie but goodie from John the Jeep man!

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