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It's Electric!

Hop in the EQV with Yasmine Blair and get to know the first fully-electric premium MPV by Mercedes-EQ. With up to 356 kilometers range (according to WLTP¹) and easy recharging, it offers everyday usability.

Today, Mercedes-Benz announced the unveiling of its SUSTAINER project. An initiative that aims to turn the iconic Sprinter delivery van into a vehicle that’s not only acceptable in modern cities but downright preferable to the way things are now. It all starts with a drive toward all-electric propulsion to eliminate tedious road noise and toxic pollution.

This is strengthened by low rolling resistance tires that make almost no noise as they carry the van down the road. The new Speed Delivery Door opens and closes much more quietly than other vans, making for less overall noise pollution.

Electric delivery vans are going to need their fair share of maintenance. That’s why Mercedes-Benz is rolling a sustainable repair concept for high-voltage batteries in all van segments. A program that will keep electric vans on the road for as long as possible, eliminating the need for costly and recourse-draining manufacturing processes required to build a new van from scratch.

In order to help keep these vans charged, they’ll sport solar panels on their roofs that can stretch the time between charging station trips, saving precious time and money. When all put together, Mercedes-Benz hopes to eliminate up to 50% of their van’s carbon footprint very soon.

This goal Keeps in line with Mercedes-Benz's "Ambition 2039" business strategy to reduce carbon emissions from their vehicle by 40% compared to the current day by 2030, and likely even more soon afterward.

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