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It's Electric! $0 to $250k!

Like to begin the new year with a wise investment? Convert a worn-out old classic to electric, upgrade everything including the value. In this case, it is the famed one-off BidenMobile® by Gregory Coles that went from near zero value to $250K!

Re-made, re-purposed, rebuilt and recycled here in the USA by EV genius Gregory Coles. From classic Mercedes to commercial vehicles, if you want your favorite vehicle built to Presidential standards, contact Gregory using this simple form.

And no, not every conversion to electric will yield as high of a return as this rare, one-off beauty making it's rounds in the USA EV 2022 tour yet the return on investment is more than just monetary. Make a statement, show you care and we may film your project for the upcoming Green that Ride series!

Happy 2022 and credits to Gregory Coles, Jaqueline Lacy, Charlie Garlow, Melissa Steele, GreenTV team members, family and friends! Enjoy the video and be well. JDL!

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