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It's an Electric/Hybrid Harley!

An electric/hybrid Harley conversion! And the secret sauce in this in-process motorcycle conversion comes from unlikely source (s) with videos. Enjoy the weekend!

One method is an electric drive-shaft from competitor BMW with a twist (and some modifications). The others are in-hub electric motor on the front wheel. Both offer advantages and disadvantages yet are viable options.

One of the suggestions for the project came from a 90+ year young friend who thought about how quiet load motorcycles could become when staring up early or coming home late. In this mode, the bike only reaches 35-miles per hour yet the stock engine can be fired up at any time.

Enjoy the videos and stay tuned! The Captain America Harley reproduction may be on the USA EV 20202 tour and we will provide updates!

And another view:

For the technical stuff yet important:

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