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It's a Family E-fair!

Elon Musk makes it sound like he does it all alone yet it takes a family to build a community. Watch as this family shows how it's really done and how yours could be the next Tesla!

And if you have no interest in getting in the business, let us show you what is behind the scenes in the driver seat of this amazing family!

"Why we went from making a V16 gas engine with 8 carbs to electric conversion kits: watch the video to find out! Emi and Chris made a video that tells the story of Webb Motorworks and how we got where we are today. It's been a long ride, but we've had a lot of fun and met some cool people along the way. To all of you who have been following along; thank you for sharing your excitement and being patient with the process. We have a lot of awesome projects on the go and are working towards getting these kits into production."

Credits to Webb Motorworks

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