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Hemp $B+ for EV Industry

It's time to look past the history of hemp and peak into one of the largest growing opportunities for the automotive industry. Stronger than steel, resilient as Mother Nature, Hemp expert Bruce Dietzen has the answers based upon decades of experience.

And beyond that, Bruce suggests replacing most of the steel components (like EV Platforms) and other components with USA made Hemp. In addition, nasty, toxic interior and exterior products from paint to fabric, major like BMW to Benz are switching to plant-based materials. And American grown and processed Hemp producers like world renowned Barbara Filippone at Enviro Textiles are answering the call with Hemp processing machines to the final products already here and available in the USA!

And according to Texas, USA, rumor is that REE whose all-purpose, game-changing EV platform is making the upgrade to Hemp, non-toxic paints and many Green applications you will see here!

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