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Help Electrify This Classic!

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Having saved many fine vehicles from the scrapyard, we are stumped on this and need your help (and we pay:)

The one that needs help is the Beach Blue Bike made by Yamaha in 2010 and is a V-Star 1,100 CC that looks and sounds like a Harley-Davidson. The problem is it will not start and has to be kick-started (manually pushed) which for a bike this size in nearly impossible with one-person.

After doing research, we found Yamaha makes a front wheel in-hub motor for several models that could be easily bolted on, have re-generative braking and wired to a small battery packs in side-bags.

It won't be a speed demon yet could operate here on the quiet streets of this waterfront resort here in Rehoboth, Delaware USA. And the beauty is the original drivetrain stays in place and functional.

So Yamaha, anyone, any ideas as I am NOT looking forward to moving this beast on human power! There has got to be a solution and maybe right in front of us!

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