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Handing Keys to Betsy Rosenberg

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

A second chance at life and 1/4 of a century later, I am signing off GreenTV's soap box to legendary Eco leader Betsy Rosenberg. Most have heard, seen, met and have trusted Betsy for years. And now with her own TV show, Betsy's will deliver all shades of Green!

I got involved saving people, planet and species during a man-made near-death experience in 1995. Before that, I designed, built, re-built and saved innumerable cool vehicles from the salvage yard by making them cleaner, Greener and more valuable. I was also a photographer, film maker, car show judge and collector of unique transportation on land, sea and air.

The team that began with me 20+ years ago gained many friends at the thousands of Green Drinks and innumerable Green events, expos, conventions and film sets. I will continue to help behind the GreenTV scenes while Betsy's new team of talent will cast a larger audience. Especially given Betsy Rosenberg brings over 1,500 interviews with the top names in the Green industry and you, your project, product or service may be next!

Meet Green Expert Betsy on MSNBC! My best to all to be and stay well. JDL

On the road again with GreenTV's 1996 Dodge Caravan with original 150,000 mile ICE drivetrain and a pair of In-Wheel motors, hemp batteries and more to demonstrate soon on the EV USA Tour!

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