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Greened F350 Helps Stranded EV's!

Imagine taking a great truck and making it better. Better yet, make it so it can help stranded EV's like Jacqueline Lacy, the Muscle Car Girl turning Green with cool tech. She and her son Daniel are doing the latest project here.

The video above is a bit promotional yet signs all point towards new modes of transportation and with that, the need for assistance and/or emergency help. Out of juice, flat tire or in an accident, the new breed of Greened "wreckers" are here and awaiting to serve and save!

Some may be all-electric while others like the Lacy's take a route to recycling what works in the transition to cleaner, Greener transportation while creating opportunities for discussions on improving what we already have like the Plant-Based bio-fuel in Millsboro, Delaware. Then onto more planed improvements like on-board energy systems to produce, store and regenerate others on the road or as emergency vehicles during outages. After all, they also have high-water clearance, all-wheel drive! Check out the Diesel Forum with Allen Schaeffer video discussion below and see how to clean, Green and repurpose a Ford F350 XL Super Duty!

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